Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Rik Cannon / Owner – Director – Producer

Rik’s an award winning producer/director with a richly varied body of work. He’s been described as “full of tenacity consistently delivering the best ideas and the perfect final cut.” As “a rare professional that combines talent with hard work and fantastic listening skills”, Rik is the driving force behind Redline and is passionate about every project and every customer experience.

Chuck LeRoi / Owner – Director of Photography

The Redline production Team is led by award winning Director of Photography Chuck LeRoi. Chuck has literally ‘done it all’ in his career and is one of the few true DP’s in this country that really brings something to the table. He looks at things differently than most people seeing both potential problems and possibilities that make the shot better. Chuck is a master of film and brings that talent, experience, and nuance to every format. He is not one to have his work ‘fixed in post’ but he also knows how to shoot ‘it’ for what it’s worth!

Mike Luebbers / Editor and Motion Graphics Artist

Our editor and motion graphics designer, Mike, brings youthful energy and perspective to any project. Whether you need to quickly slice and dice something in Avid, or make it into luxurious Julianne fries with some motion graphics in After Effects, Mike can handle your needs with a friendliness rivaled only by Eddie Haskell.

Ryan Cannon / Production

Quickly becoming a talented and experienced veteran Ryan continues racking up production experience in location & studio audio, camera operation, teleprompter, grip, & lighting. Ryan also excels in today’s fluid media management environment both onset and in studio. He’s a true Redliner!

Jack Kent / Producer – Writer – VO Talent

Creative Development, Veteran Voice Actor, an Angel’s Grandpa, Writer & Producer. Although Jack consistently executes award-winning work he measures his success by his next project.  Amazingly, he’s always looking for work!!

John Yetter / Writer – Director – Producer

John is an experienced writer, director and producer comfortable working with a wide range of budgets and deadlines. He has the talent and ability to respond quickly and adapt to any situation, whether in the boardroom with your CEO or out on the street in a broadcast uplink truck, ensuring delivery of a professional product every time. Like his Redline teammates John takes personal pride in remaining “hands on” throughout the process — scripting, production and post.

Charley “Chaz” LeRoi / Director of Photography

Chaz started his career in the ‘business’ early working on sets coiling extension cords, fetching gels, gaffe tape, and c47’s truly learning every aspect of the business from the ground up.

He soon found he was a natural behind the camera and quickly became the key camera op for big time live events, concerts, and corporate meetings.

Chaz has been behind the camera for multiple episodes of American Idol, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Professional Bull Riders, ESPN, and Fox Sports.