The Redline production team is led by award winning director of photography Chuck LeRoi. Over Chuck's almost 3 decades behind the camera he has been all around the world, on all kinds of shoots from film, to video, to HD and has the experience, talent, and creativity to handle whatever situation arises. Chuck 'sees' the potential problems and the possibilities and is an expert in getting the very best shot possible, a lot of times saving the shoot. Teamed with producer/director Rik Cannon, and audio/gaffer Ryan Cannon you get top talent and efficiency that gets more shots, and even more importantly, better shots in a day than crews double their size. Their work ethic and team work makes them the 'go to' production team when you want the very best for your project.


Our post production team has a combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm that come together delivering an incredible mix of creative and technical command allowing them to squeeze everything out of the machines they drive all day long. At Redline, our Graphics Artists are also our editors, something that delivers value and freedom to every project we post. The value of multitasking creative, the freedom of not having to re-explain the entire project nuance by nuance to YET another @#$ing person! Creatively, Graphically, Editorially Stellar! Their work and the loyalty of their clients speaks for itself. Personality is included at no extra charge.


Experienced in concept, design, development, execution, and delivery of both long and short format syndicatable content for broadcast, live events, online, social media and mobile.


The audio portion of many productions is overlooked, usually to the peril of the project. The right sound effect, the right music track, even the right level of music or sound at the exact right moment can be the difference between a good project and one that is exactly what you wanted. We provide VO recording, overall mixing/sweetening, and original music.